Books About How to Get Into Magic


Listed below are resources that will teach you how to create and fabricate magic.  They will help you amaze your friends and give you a hobby that keeps on giving.  BUT, they also take the magic away from you.  When you find out the secrets you may be severely disappointed with the art in general!  Performing magic is amazing, but the mystery is one of the most beautiful parts about it.

Progress at your own risk:


This is my favorite book to recommend to people who want to get into magic.  For beginners ages 7-97 who want to perform amazing tricks for family and friends.  Also, comes with a DVD of Joshua Jay teaching the effects.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


This is one of my favorite DVD’s for people who want to do “Street Magic” or close-up magic with ordinary objects you can find around your house.  His pen trick or “ReCap” is worth the price of the DVD.  ALSO HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

2nd Warning:

If you just want to have some fun, but don’t really want to be a magician, stick with the book and DVD listed above.  Below are books for people who want to jump off the deep end into hours of practice.

All of the mystery will go away.


This book is an amazing book for card handling, whether you want to cheat at cards or do magic tricks! (ONLY RECOMMEND BOTH FOR PERFORMANCE REASONS)  The Professor used the techniques listed in this book to accomplish many of his miracles.  Definitely not for someone who just wants to impress their friends tomorrow.  But if you are willing to put in the time, this book will teach you how to do anything you want with an ordinary deck of cards.


One of the best books on Magic and Performance theory.

Great book for knowing not just the methods of magic, but how to perform.

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