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A Night of Wonders Preview

A lot of people have asked what this show is all about.  Was it professional shot? Is it in HD?  Is it easy to see the magic?  Is it entertaining?  Can I own it? The answer to all of these … Continue reading

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My Favorite Club

In the heart of Hollywood, just two blocks from the Graham’s Chinese theatre, the Walk of Fame and the Dolby Theatre (where the Academy Awards are held every year) stands The Magic Castle.  An old Hollywood mansion built in 1909, … Continue reading

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The Falsity of Tarot Cards

I have been researching and writing a lot for my upcoming book, “The Real Supernatural.”  When in search of the real supernatural a look at the occult arts is necessary.  The occult arts are prominent in every culture.  Whether it … Continue reading

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A Supernatural Exchange

Today we celebrate a supernatural exchange! That while we were enemies of the Creator of all things, Jesus died in our place, taking our sin on Himself. We deserved to die, hell our destination, but now death is no longer the … Continue reading

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A Real Supernatural Testimony

Here are two videos of a friend of mine who experienced the Real Supernatural, in that way of a physical healing.  Two years ago my friend Trina was healed instantly of all of her symptoms of M.S. (“Multiple Sclerosis,” a chronic … Continue reading

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Hypnotism in the name of Jesus

In the search of the real supernatural I think a good look at hypnotism is needed. Webster defines hypnosis: “A trancelike state that resembles sleep but is induced by a person whose suggestions are readily accepted by the subject.” Some … Continue reading

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Hear this a lot!

This was not the first time I heard this from someone who booked me for their event…so I asked him if he’d say it on camera and he was excited to! (sorry about the audio, something went a little weird … Continue reading

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