A Real Supernatural Testimony

Here are two videos of a friend of mine who experienced the Real Supernatural, in that way of a physical healing.  Two years ago my friend Trina was healed instantly of all of her symptoms of M.S. (“Multiple Sclerosis,” a chronic disease that attacks the nervous system). As always I’m a skeptic on these things, and you’ll even hear that in my voice on the first video.  When she went to the doctor and had an MRI she found out that God did not heal the lesions on her brain.  When someone tells a healing story, often it is exaggerated afterward.  I had a temptation to do that here.  It makes a much better story if you don’t mention the legions on her brain.  I do not know why God did not heal the legions.  So why do I consider her healed, or that she experienced the real supernatural?

Well, one day Trina could not stand up alone if she closed her eyes, or walk in heals because she would fall down, or swing a golf club without falling over.  Then after two girls prayed for her, instantly she can do all of that.  INSTANTLY. Not over time.  She did not take any new drugs.  She did not get hit on the head.  People simply prayed, and now she has not experience any symptoms for the last two years.  Sounds pretty supernatural to me!

Here’s the video from the night she was healed:

Here’s the video I took yesterday two years later: 

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