Hear this a lot!

This was not the first time I heard this from someone who booked me for their event…so I asked him if he’d say it on camera and he was excited to! (sorry about the audio, something went a little weird with that)  But the jist of what he said was for the past few years they have booked band after band and students just don’t show up to the concert.  All but like 10 kids from the entire conference at my show.  One person said after the show, “There weren’t really ‘late-night options’ tonight, more like one big ‘late-night OPTION!'” The crowd was so excited to get in the doors that a girl almost got trampled! (Yikes for her, but shows you the excitement in the crowd!)  Check out what the guy who booked me said:

One cool thing after the show, 11 people from the show tonight choose to put their trust and faith into a relationship with the Real Supernatural!

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