The Magic in a Child’s Imagination

I’m just going to say it…I AM JEALOUS OF MY DAUGHTER.  I so envy how she and my little guy can leave reality in a blink and transport themselves to the Neverlands of their imaginations.  Remember when you could pretend you were an airplane or a fairy and fly on the backs of the winds.  I often play with my kids as they imagine worlds that I can only see now in my dreams.  That’s where real magic exists…

One of my daughter’s favorite games is to pretend she’s a princess and that daddy is the king or that she’s Tinkerbell and that daddy is Captain Hook (and that brother is Peter Pan and that leaves mommy as the Wendy Lady).  I so look forward to the multiple times a day that she comes and gives me a big hug and says, “I lowve you Cap-in Hook!” to which she expects the reply, “I love you too Tinkerbell!”  Because of this it was my wife and I’s extreme delight to take her to meet Tinkerbell and a bunch of princesses at the Happiest Place on Earth…DISNEYLAND.

Please enjoy this video of a little girl meeting in person the characters that she hangs out with in her imagination every day, and try to remember practice the magic of your imagination…

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